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    Hong Kong has a global reputation for quality bespoke tailoring and at Gyanik Tailors, we are at the top of the line. Our heritage in Hong Kong spans back over 40 years. There is nothing quite like the feel of a Gyanik Custom Tailor made suit. Our suits are crafted in a very timely process and we take pride in our exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Our garments are created by industry experts, always keeping the design fashionable yet pooling into the experience of our rich heritage. We use your measurements from our hands on consultation in order to ensure elegance, quality, and style that is unmatched in todays industry.


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When you order a bespoke suit from Gyanik tailors we first discuss the type of suit you need and what you need it for. We then present you with a full range of fabrics and we choose the cloth based on what is most suitable for your individual needs. A detailed 20 measurements will be taken. We would then consider the style and posture best suited for you. Then we cut your unique pattern. After that the cloth is then cut and stitched to complete the suit. Each suit is hand stitched down to the lapel and real button hole.


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