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What is the main difference between a suit ?off the rack? and a bespoke suit?

-A bespoke suit is a suit that is made individually, according to your size, shape and preference. Retail off the rack suits come in standard sizes that are not your perfect fit

2. What is the procedure for having a suit made?

-You are only 3 simple steps away from getting the perfect suit!

Step 1- Discuss your requirements with our Suit Connoisseur. You can even bring a garment or a style from a magazine that you would like copied

Step 2- Select the fabric and style you desire. There are over 5,000 fabric booklets in our collection for you to choose from. Our Suit Connoisseur would be happy to assist

Step 3- Allow us to take your measurements along with digital photographs so that we can have additional information about your body shape and size

3. ? What do I need to bring to our first consultation?

For the first appointment, it is always preferable to:

-wear a jacket and pants

-a collared shirt, and shoes

-your best fitting suit

4. I have a suit that fits me perfectly well. Can I have it replicated?

-Absolutely yes! Bring it along with you at the time of the appointment or mail it to our Hong Kong office and we shall ensure we give you the perfect fitting suit!

5. ?What is a Traveling Tailor?

-A traveling tailor is the best way to experience Gyaniks full service and satisfaction.?We are traveling across North America in order to connect with our customers one on one. During the course of our trip, we encourage you to come feel our fabrics and get our friendly experts and style guides.

6. What can I expect during my appointment?
-Our tailor will take your measurements if you do not already have them, and walk you through our selection of high quality fabrics including Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Reda and many more exclusive brands

7. Can you offer advice on the best suit for me?

-We would be delighted to offer our expertise on what we feel would be the most appropriate fabric and style for you, this is a major part of the measuring process.

8. How can I pay for my order?

-We accept all major credit cards, cash and cheque

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